For this project, we aimed to build a method valid for any archeological find, like, statues or parts of buildings.

In this case, a portion of a column of the temple of Hera has been taken into consideration. The Temple of Hera is an ancient Greek temple, located in Paestum, in the south of Italy. This portion of column is a digitally built reconstruction, it was created with 3D modeling and 3D sculpting techniques, but it could be more properly obtained by 3D scanning. The model was decided to be modified to become the base for a majestic table, then it was lightened by removing the inner material, always with 3D software. The inner part then was refined with a modern polygonal style surface which is in contrast with the more organic, ancient-looking external part.

Finally the file of the 3D model of the "Table of Hera" is sent to be carved by CNC robots.

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